Approach to light working with Angelic Healing Therapy - Part One

As an alternative medicine, healing systems use such as hand healing, massage therapy, energy healing, and angel healing. In light working and psychic reading, angel healing plays an important role for reduce the stress level of clients.

Approach to light working with Angelic Healing Therapy - Part One
Healing with the angels is common practice in human history. It is more common in South Asia and the now Western world. 

What is angel healing?

Angel healing is different from energy healing or chakra-based healing. In angel healing, we use the aura or energies of angels, so they transfer their energy for healing. Angels have loving-kindness that they want to help humans, especially people suffering from so many life problems. However, you should remember that all angels don’t like offering their energies for healing. Gods, goddesses, and angels have a lifetime; after their lifespan is finished, they can be born again in the human world or even lower realms. So some angels like to protect their life energies. One example is if angels need to appear to a human being in the physical body that energy body that can be seen to us, they need to use a large amount of energy. It is difficult to create such big energy again. Sometime it may help to reduce their lifespan. That is why angels don’t like to show their looks to us. In such a way, some angels and deities like to protect their energy to keep their life in heaven. However, deities and angels who like to offer loving-kindness to humans can increase their life energy. So as humans, we also need to practice spiritual activities and offer such positive outcomes to angels back.

Angel healing practitioners should do rituals and pray to attract angels and deities into their life. Rituals can be simple such as offering flowers, fruits, water glasses, light incense sticks, and candle or oil lamps. It can do daily in the morning or evening at your convenience. Also, they should pray to angels every day. It can be a simple prayer or a complex one. You can create your prayer by referring to many online resources. However many angel practitioners use different methods, such as use meditation instead of prayer or rituals. You have chosen what you want to connect with angels. You can read books about angels and deities. When you link with a particular angel long time, they show omens or angel healing signs that they look after you. Then you can start angel healing. Some experienced angel healer can empower their angels in your life. So it is like introducing an angel or deity to a known one. Then that angel starts to look at a new student.

In this article, we don’t teach you how to absorb angel energy. It is a process that one wants to do with a spiritual teacher. Here we discuss how you practice your daily life as an angel healer.

Who can do angel healing?

You need to love and research your mind toward deities and angels. You should devote your life to angels. These divine beings can see our minds, so we can’t cheat on them. They always look after you, even give little punishment for your mistakes. Each angel has its own likenesses such as some angels like you do charity works. So it is better to take psychic reading and know what your angel wants from you. So your life is bent with angels, so it is not easy to become an angel healer. Ancient deities are strict on their mission, so they even punish you. Some angels stayed 5000 years or more in the human world as their recent human life. So they don’t have to understand the modern world. Their mindset belongs to 5000 years ago humans world. So you want to be patient with such angels. One example is when you drive a car, they ride a horse.

Some deities such as Lord Shiva and the Kali Goddess get angry soon. Even though gods have kind hearts they also can be angry. So you need strict disciplines and precepts when dealing with such angels. Ganesha God is a playful god who does playful jokes which make you annoyed or confused. Forest angels also like that way. When you link with a particular angel for a long time, you can identify their character. So you can adjust your behavior as them. Some angels such as White Tara Goddess are highly wise and they always try to educate you about something. They work as old grandparents.

Not only archangels for healing may help you, but also forest angels help to reduce your stress.
Anglic lightworkers must stay a few hours in mother nature, so they can reenergize their energy body. 

The following spiritual qualities need to have an Angel Healer

  • Observe higher precepts as your religion
  • Ability to do meditation and rituals daily
  • Have kindness to the world by helping others
  • Avoid pride, ill-will, and anger
  • Having a patient and waiting mind
  • Always research the world of angels and deities
  • Visiting ancient temples regularly
  • Able to do charity and welfare works

Choosing an Angel for Light Working

Archangel Raphael comes to mind when angel healing, as he is a popular angel for healing health issues. He is the best angel when doing healing in the body. People suffer from many life problems such as lack of money, debts, protection, love, and interpersonal relationships. So you can specialize in a particular area and choose one angel. Some angelic lightworkers work with multiple angels, and some ones are one or two. It is your responsibility to choose a number of angels or whom you choose as angels.

Ancient souls such as Lady Nada or White Fire Eagle can be used for advanced healing. St. Germain is another master who supports healing personal development. Every country there have divine culture and related rituals to connect with angels, gods, and goddesses. Sometimes your mind attracts to another culture that you are not familiar too. So in that case you happen to research that country, its history, and divine rituals. Any angel, god, or goddess has their own flower, color, crystals, oils, and candles when doing rituals. You may need to find those complex connecting methods when you experience their connection. In some cultures, devotees use music and dance to connect with angels such as in India, China, and Sri Lanka. So as an angel healer, you may use music when healing purposes. Some massage spas use angel healing with their massage therapy. So you can combine many ways to connect with angels.

Buddhist temples and Hindu temples are high-powered energy sources for energizing your body with rainbow color auras.
Angel healers must pilgrimage to ancient temples to build up a strong connection with their deities. 

Pilgrimage and Ancient Temples

Angelic light workers should visit ancient temples and churches whenever they can. These ancient temples have energized positive vibrations for many years in human history. Also, you can visit old bookshops, flower gardens, and lakes that have angelic powers. Pilgrimage to rural villages gives mental relaxation as well as the ability to reenergize your energy body with rainbow colors. Also, you need to build an altar and a little herbal garden in your house. If you are staying in an apartment then you can build a creative altar in separate rooms. Staying for about 2 hours in the ancient temple belonging to ancient deities such as Hindu deities is help to alter your connection with angels. Sometimes when an angel practitioner heals serious health issue such as cancer the healer’s energy body became weak and need repair as soon as possible. For this reason, you may need to stay in sunshine, mother nature, and ancient temples.