There have a physical body, an energy body, an emotional body, and an astral body in this human body. The astral body and physical body link each other via the energy body. There have main seven chakras in energy boy, they are like energy wheels but there have many sub-level chakras too. Each chakra has a particular color. When these chakras are weak or overactive we become insane and take wrong decisions in our life.

The throat chakra is blue in color and when it is weak people have poor communication skills. When it is overactive person becomes over-talking and has poor listening skills. He jumps into discussion and disturbs others' speaking. When the throat chakra is fine-tuned, it radiates pleasant blue color and he can manage his talking well.

So energy therapy practitioners can balance the energy of each chakra. Energy therapy practitioners are people who do daily meditations, do yoga positions and control their chakra to fine-tune, so they can balance others' chakra too.

Benefits Of Energy Therapy

There has a vast number of benefits in energy healing. The healer can attract cosmic energy into his own body and then focus it on the client’s body. It helps both of them to reenergize their body energies and therapy exchange between them. Cosmic energy therapy is popular these days. They are taught by some deities such as Ascended Masters. Master Kuthumi is such a deity who teaches many cosmic energy therapies to his followers. Energy therapy helps to cure the physical body, astral body, our emotions and improve brain functions. It is better to take energy therapy sessions once a month.

The energy therapy practitioner uses his hand to understand the client’s energy centers. After a long time of practice, a healer can identify weaknesses or overacting chakras and tune them into balancing levels. Sometimes he uses sound healing, crystal healing, mandalas, and vibration techniques for energy balancing. Healing touch energy medicine is what you do in massage therapy. However, it is not essential to touch the body using a hand to do energy healing. A good healer can identify the power of the chakra when keeping a hand a little bit above in chakras. When giving energy treatment using hands it is important for the healer must refrain from negative thoughts such as anger or jealousy. Also, the client’s sexual orientation needs to understand before practice.

The following benefits can see after an advanced energy therapy session

  • Skin tone becomes fresh and attractive
  • Ability to control emotions
  • Able to control anger and jealous
  • Decision-making becomes smart
  • Able to reduce eating meat, fish, and eggs
  • Gain good communication skills
  • Refresh in interpersonal skills
The woman is taking relaxation and evening light to her hand.
Since childhood, humans use hand touching healing from their parents.

White Light Healing Energy and Other Colors

Energy healers mainly use many ways to attract cosmic energy. A lot of healers use white light as healing light color. However, it is not important to attach particular color. Some healers use colors of chakra and angels healers use the aura color of a particular deity. Green Tara Goddess consider a healing goddess, so practitioners use pleasant green color when using her energy. Gold color is another common color many healers use. Gold color helps to increase prosperity and green color helps reduce illnesses. Most of scenarios white, gold, and green colors are safe for many clients. Rose color with rose quartz is best when clients suffer from a broken heart. Its reduce anxiety.

Energy Treatment Integrated with Angel Therapy

Energy healing sometimes doing via an external source of energy such as divine healing. In this case, the healer uses another energy body as a power source. A lot of time, gods and goddesses are involved in this case. Angel healer is doing faith healing. He has faith, and devotion and does regular rituals for a particular deity. Then he can invoke a divine being to transfer some amount of energy to the healer and then this energy is used for energy therapy. Quantum-level energy packets come from the heavens to the energy therapy practitioner’s energy body then that extra energy is used to cure weak points in the chakra.

Divine healing is an alternative medicine treatment method used by ancient times all over the world. Buddhist people use Bodhisatta Gods such as Natha God and Tara Goddesses while Hindu priests use Ganesha god. New-age healers use Archangel Raphael for healing. This is faith-based action. In this case more than meditation, healer use rituals and offerings to deities. However, the healer is a noble one and stays away from toxic lifestyles. In angel energy healing, the color of the deity’s energy body is important. As well as a healer must communicate with his deity via psychic reading. Some healers use angel oracle cards to determine a patient’s angel for choosing color and crystals. In angel healing, the most common color is green color. However it should not be green, you can use many colors of many angels.

We all are an energy being built up with sub-atomic energies.
Particle physics is important in understanding energy healing.

Quantum Energy and Subatomic Particles

Atoms are created from sub-atomic particles such as photons. They stay energy levels. So when the healer sends rays of lovingkindness, quantum-level particles are rearranged into blissful energy planes. This helps to cure many diseases such as cancer. The client wants to support the healer in keeping his mind calm and avoiding a toxic lifestyle such as drinking a heavy amount of alcohol. Reducing meat, fish, and eggs are important to absorb cosmic healing light. Subatomic particles stay at wave-like levels, so they can change into positive levels.

Our emotional body is so important to take the right decisions in life. We are suffering cause of taking wrong decisions, so fine-tuning with healing lights helps to rearrange our body into a positive mental plane. About 70% of our behaviors come from genes. Even these genetic habits can change from energy healing. This is a longtime process like 2 years. Sometimes when doing healing to one person helps to change the life of their blood relatives too. That is why energy therapy practitioners want to stay positive mind. Their negative energies can transfer to many people when doing healing to one person. Mainly controlling anger and jealousy is so important. Healers always want to consider that they are working with cosmic energy. It is vast energy.