Spirit guides and guardian angels are especially important to the personal development of spiritual-minded people. Are angels and spirits guides the same thing? Yes, spirit guides are angels and can be said to be lower-powerful deities. Spirit guides, angels, and deities are spirits who have light energies and were born in heavenly realms cause of their good deeds in past human lives. Guardian angels are meaning of protective angels who look after each soul. You know the human world is incredibly challenging and largely governed by free will. Daily we face many challenges and difficulties. So we need extra protection again evil powers.

Guardian angels are spirits who take care of us and give heavenly support. Sometimes they do material support while other times they do support energetically. Spirit guides are sort of guardian angels but tend to support in giving advice. They advise us mentally and giving opportunities. One example of the difference between guardian angels and spirit guides is spirit guides give big support to education. Education is not meaning academic education, it can be emotional education, such as controlling anger. Spirit guides give big support to charities. They like to create a peaceful human world. A large number of spirit guides help to research what happens on planet earth.

Ascended Masters are stars of spirit guides. A lot of spirit guides are staying under Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters have particular skills or talents in some subjects. They stay in forest areas and do meditations. They come to the human world when they feel, they need to give their finding to certain humans.

Native American people are mindful of animal spirit guides and they are the main part of Native American life. Many cultures consider animal spirit guides dead pets who take care of us such as dogs, eagles, lions, etc.

 Some spirit guides appear in material or animal forms to transform our life into the next shifts.
There have male and female guides who share their knowledge even in interpersonal relationships.

Be Mindful of your Spiritual Guides

Now we want to think about how one can be sure if a spirit guide is talking to us. We already know that angels, deities, and spirit guides try to communicate with us. One way is they give messages to our minds. Do you remember a stunning idea that comes to your mind at once, sometimes that gut feeling does not resonate with your current thinking pattern? We can’t say when we get such ideas, sometime when you get a shower or while just riding vehicles. Spirit guides make us meet valuable people to us. Sometimes we meet an important person who may help our plans. Every meeting is not coincident, it can be helpful or just get experience.

As an example, if you are controlling your anger, you might stay as a sage. But you didn’t get a chance to emit your anger. So your mind is an illusion, that you have a peaceful mind. So your spirit guide makes meet a negative-minded person who can make you angry. So you can measure your emotional control. Then you will try to learn a new way of controlling anger. Sometimes we think we can’t do a particular task. We hope to hand it over to another person, but suddenly you will get a gut feeling to start it yourself, and finally, you realize you have such skills. It will grow your self-esteem and save you money too. A lot of times, spirit guides help to grow our skills, help to fetch backward our hidden talents, and polish our self-esteem.

Sometimes they whisper to our ears to give flash ideas.
When you just woke up from sleeping did someone whisper into your ears?

Sometimes spirit guides Ring in your Ears

One time I met a spiritual teacher who taught me about protecting the environment. Even though I have a loving mind toward mother nature, that teacher fires my workforce. He taught me meditation which helps to link with nature spirits. So I think my spirit guides make me meet that teacher.

Do spirit guides communicate with us through dreams? Yes, sometimes they show omens via dreams. These dreams give you gut feelings and easily remember than other dreams. So before you sleep listen to relaxation music and use prayer for your guardian angels. In my experience, they don’t connect with you in sleeping till there have important turning point comes into your life. I saw a lot of times they connect with you in a short nap in after lunch break and

Finally, we want to thank our spirit guides for guiding us and educating us. We all have them, we can add new ones, just ask. They will come and support you on your new subject. There have many guided meditations to connect with spirit guides and angels, so you can search for such meditations on youtube and try to connect with yourself. You can always ask the universe to meet new guides and ask for their wisdom. Some guides stay with us our life long time but many of them go away after we are keen on their teaching. They help to meet spiritual teachers and mentors who stay in the human world.

We formulated 10 simple ways to link with your guardian angels and spirit guides.
How to connect with your guides in simple daily routines?

10 ways to connect with Spirit Guides

  • Goto religious place such as an ancient temple and sit down calm area and then ask from your mind.
  • Most people tune in with the sound of the following water and you can stay near a river, pond, or lake and then ask from your mind.
  • Write a letter and keep it on your altar.
  • Listen to 20-minute relaxation music and after that ask from your mind.
  • Cut rainbow color paper and write down your one request then keep it on your altar.
  • At night before sleep, moan to your guide as telling problem to your close friend.
  • Do simple meditation for about 40 minutes and then ask from the mind.
  • Stay 30 minutes in the flower garden and ask from your mind or moan in your mouth.
  • Keeping the statue of the guardian angel on your altar is another way to show that you care about them. Talk to that statue daily.
  • Count 20 to 1 and then ask from the mind or tell in words like moaning.