Natural Spirits of The World

Irish mythology is the starting point people talk about fairies. They play an important role in children's movies and modern oracle cards. Even Halloween Eye people make fairy gardens.

Natural Spirits of The World
What different types of fairies are there?

In Irish Mythology, we talk about angels and fairies. But in nature, there have many spirits who looking to support us. They are inhabiting us on earth, sometimes take care of us, sometimes warn us, and however, their main duties are protecting mother nature and wild animals. These spirits have the controlling power of four elements called earth, water, air, and fire.

What Is An Evil Fairy Called?

Fairies are one kind of elemental spirit of the world. They are plant-based souls who are born in the heavenly realm cause of their good deeds in their last human life. In our ancient society, they are asking blame for kidnapping babies, misleading travelers, doing uncanny jokes, and even spoiling our food. The main reason for these social disgraces against fairies is people misunderstand elemental spirits of the world with lower spirits such as hungry ghosts or elemental elves. In an unseen world of mother nature, there have two kinds of spirits. One type is dark energy and the other type is white energy.

Both types have the same power, the only difference is what they did in their last human life. People used to consume a higher amount of alcohol and felt greedy for properties born as hungry ghosts and elemental elves. People who were stayed in an aggressive mood born into devils and monsters.

However, there has the opposite kind of people who always help others and observe good precepts. They are attached to planet earth and its natural environment. So they are born as fairies and elemental angels.

Fairy Garden in the Woods
Fairies in Irish mythology are a key reason that modern new-age spirituality talks about them.

Types Of Fairies

When we consider the elemental spirits of the world, those who are stayed on the light side can be categorized into four types. Fairies are largely linked with trees and parts of the trees. Some fairies are the same as humans in physical look but on the other hand, some are extra-large or microscopic small. As an example, some fairies are small as the pollen of the flowers. Some flowers have fairies as same as the number of petals of the flower. So water lotus may have a large number of nymphs in one flower.

Their main duty is protecting mother nature and wild animals. You can see wild animals do not have a way to cure their disease and some animals don't have a protector. So fairies had taken order to protect them. Tree-based spirits are common in every country. They look like it varies with countries and their cultures. A lot of ones has an aura-like wing, but the wings look like dragonfly or butterfly. But this is not an essential thing. Some fairies don't have wings and have looked like higher-level deities. Tree-based fairies try to protect their tree and relevant area. Then near wild animals consider the second level. If any wild animal tries to destroy their tree, they are angry with such animals.

Nymphs are the same are fairies but are largely associated with ponds, lakes, and rivers. They like water flowers. Some ponds have devils, monsters as well as nymphs. Each of them is independent and doesn't influence the other. Water angels and aqua angels are other names for them.

Sylph is the same as nymphs but living in the sky, the upper sky on planet earth. Sometimes they can control the wind. They are very slim and tiny. They can create a magical world in the sky. Their hobby is dancing and music. They like clouds.

Gnomes are another type of nature spirit. They are of two types. One is the same as devils and monsters. They are dark energies. However, there has a light force of gnomes who protect mountains, stones, crystals, gemstones, and soils. When we build a new house or building, these gnomes come and stay there. So becoming friends with them is vital for happy household life. If you protect the environment and wild animals, then gnomes are helping you. However, they don't like uncanny travelers.

Mushrooms are home to many fairies in many movies.
Recalling little fairies with mushroom homes brings us to childhood.

Different Types Of Fairies And Their Powers

All kinds of fairies and tree spirits help to pollinate. Elemental spirits of the world have the power to grow plants, protect our gardens, and protect forests. They help to do organic agriculture. All types of elemental spirits love babies and students. Anyone who learns agriculture, biology, zoology, and botany can get their support. However, you should have a clear intention to organically do service to mankind and mother nature.

Normally elemental fairies have green eyes and slim bodies. They like to do jokes and make smiling others. They do not like to interfere with humans but if we ask for their support then they may help us. We can organize a little altar for all types of elemental spirits in our garden or anywhere there has a flowering tree. It must be clean and cute. Height must be your heart level. Light candles that have flower smells. Keep offering such as homemade bread, honey, cream or butter, a few fruits, and flowers. Finally, keep a little statue of a fairy. Then stay looking at the altar for a few minutes then mentally ask your wish. After a few months, you can see your dreams come true magical way. Magic is the task of the fairies.