Receiving Energy Attunement from Healing Angels

What are divine attunements? It is power or certain skillset we attain from angels and deities. it can be simple energy or opening your third eye.

Receiving Energy Attunement from Healing Angels
Taking power from angels to receive some skills such as healing is important in the spiritual journey.

The meaning of the attunement is energy or skills received from deities and angels. We can receive attunement from gods, goddesses, archangels, healing angels, and healing ministers. In this article, we will look at how we can attain such power. The main thing want to say is that attunement is not only for healing or psychic reading, you can attain attunements for skills such as success in education, increased memory power, researching skills, mastering in particular subject, and even success in business.

In ancient Hindu culture, attunement was received from the Saraswathi Goddess for success in education and attaining miracle memory powers. Some attunement energies can be infused into essential oils and talismans. We had have experience that smearing a small droplet of Saraswathi Essential Oil on the forehead gives miracle memory power such as remembering each word in the book. However, some attunements can be lost when going to a funeral, eating certain meat such as pork, sexual intercourse, and some emotions such as anger.

Maintaining Energy Attunements

So holding attunement from angels and deities may need some precepts and spiritual practice. Sometimes attunement comes from our good deeds. An example of that is if you give a donation to a poor village school in rural areas such as donating a large number of books for their library, then as a result of it Saraswathi Goddess may give you attunement of mastering a particular subject. Even laws of karma you can get such energy attunements.

So as well as attaining attunement, keep it forever, you need to have a good virtuous life. It would help if you had good policies for life. You can write down your negative characteristics such as smoking, drinking alcohol, anger, or overeating. Also, you can keep a journal about your good deeds such as meditation, doing yoga, worshiping a particular god, or becoming vegan. You can gradually develop your good deeds and reduce wrong actions. In our spiritual life, we have seen gods cut off some students' energy attunements cause they misuse their capabilities.

Our guardian angels are easy choices for attaining healing power.
Taking magnified energy attunement is not a secret anymore, it is continually practicing some guidelines.

Ways Of Receiving Healing and Energy Attunements

First of all, you need to write down what power or skills you need. Deities and angels don’t like cheating, greed, and selfish reasons for angel energy. So you need to have pure likeness to serve mankind. Do everything to give love and kindness to the world.

Daily Worship

Daily worshiping a particular deity long time is the best way and it is most people attain attunement for spiritual services such as physical reading, tarot card reading, and healing. Some people offer fruits, and flowers to the deity, some light incense sticks, light candles, and oil lamps to the deity. Angels and deities are pleased with their follower’s offerings and worship them for a long time, so they give attunement to those people. This is the simple way to take angel attunements and can magnify that power.

Taking Attunement from The Teacher

A spiritual teacher who had attunement and used it long time and then did spiritual practice to magnify his attunement can offer the same attunement to his student. Today this task is for business and giving classes. There is no wrong or right in taking payment for give attunements but in older days such giving was only done for one student who has great discipline. So students who try to take energy attunement related to angels may need to practice some precepts and meditations to keep that attunement forever.

Buddhist Rituals

Buddhism teaches us to remove desires, ill will, and ignorance from our minds. So total Buddhist rituals go on donations called alms given to monks or priests who renounce the material world, observing precepts and meditation. So engaging in Buddhist rituals may help to attain some great merit powers. Then we can transfer such merit forces to deities and angels, so they please and protect us as well as give attunement for success in particular tasks. In this case, you must use that attunement to do service to mankind. A lot of times earth earth-based deities, nature spirits, and elemental deities give attunement to people who regularly do Buddhist rituals. You can close up with higher level deities by observing higher level precepts and daily doing meditation such as Maha Braha God and Shiva God.

Flowers and herbs made from flowers have the ability to heal many areas in our lives.
Tune with herbs and green magic is a simple way to take the power of nature spirits.

Using Green World and Herbs

Witchcraft and the green witch are other ways to attain power from nature spirits and elementals. Using a natural living style, forest bathing regularly, using herbs, and becoming vegetarian a key points in this process. You can use green witch’s tarot or oracle cards for taking massage from natural spirits. You do not need to live in the house to practice this method, you can even stay apartment or room. The important thing is to prepare a little part of your living space for a green world. You should actively engage in protecting Mother Nature. You must stay in touch with four elements earth, water, air, and fire. You can use forest bathing or hiking for the earth element; stay a few hours near the ocean or lake to activate the water element; climb the mountain to get fresh air and light a candle that is scented in forest leaves for the fire element.

Meditation, Precepts, and Yoga

A lot of people in the Himalayas area attained divine attunements from this method. Renouncing from the material world and dedicating their life to observing higher precepts, then doing meditations and yoga. You need a great mentor for this task. You do not need to go Himalayas but you can start practicing spiritual life in your daily life. Observe some groups of precepts, then find out the best meditation method and do yoga exercises. Becoming vegetarian is one simple precept, till attain attunement you can avoid sexual intercourse. Breathing meditation and staying in a particular yoga pose per day is enough to get some attunements. But big attunements such as opening 3rd may need great persistence in spiritual life.


In this article, we talked about what is an attunement and how can we attain divine attunements. A lot of students ask how long it takes to do spiritual practice to attain energy attunement. It depends on a person’s dedication, past-life practiced experience, and likeness. A person’s life changes after receiving attunement, his thinking pattern may change and some friends will go away from him. Side effects with attunement such as severe body pains, cold, flu-like symptoms, and muscle pains may occur in many students. However, these side effects last only a few weeks. We can talk about such things in another article.