Blue Sapphire in Sri Lanka: Exclusive Guide!

In Sri Lankan ancestral astrology, dark blue sapphire considers removing the evil influence of the planet Saturn. They use very dark blue gemstones which have the same color as a crow to make silver rings as an astrological remedy. Actually from history, Sri Lanka is a land of blue stones.

Blue Sapphire in Sri Lanka: Exclusive Guide!
Blue sapphire pieces of jewelry are popular in weddings as well as in Indian astrology. They have the ability to remove Saturn malfunctions and energize some zodiac signs.

Sri Lanka is a world-famous country for gemstones. Among hundreds of gemstone species in Sri Lanka, the Blue Sapphire is the most beautiful gemstone. There is an inseparable bond between Blue Sapphire and Sri Lanka. So this amazing gemstone species is well-known worldwide as the "Ceylon Blue Sapphire". In this article, we will discuss the bond between Sri Lanka and Blue Sapphire, gemstone mining techniques and methods, cutting and polishing culture, different myths and beliefs built around the Blue Sapphires, and the healing power of Blue Sapphires.

Sri Lanka- The Land Of Blue Sapphire

Since the value and the quality of Ceylon Blue Sapphires are higher than other Blue Sapphires worldwide, Sri Lanka is known as the "Land of Blue Sapphire". Another name for Sri Lanka is "Rathna Deepa", which means the land of gems. There is a worldwide higher demand for Ceylon Blue Sapphires. Therefore, the gemstone industry and different activities related to the mining, cutting, and polishing of gemstones have given many career opportunities to the people in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Blue Sapphires have a history of centuries. Historically, foreign explorers and traders had identified Sri Lanka as a treasure in the Indian Ocean. The ancient records of the different resources proved a higher demand for gemstones in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the motherland of the Blue Sapphires, where the first Blue Sapphire was discovered. So we can consider that gemstone mining and related activities in the gemstone industry have a history of centuries too. It has increased the quality of the gemstone industry in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Blue Sapphires come in different shades of blue. The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is the world's most beautiful and valuable gemstone. Also, Sri Lanka is the only country continuously producing Blue Sapphires worldwide. One of the other most important things related to the Blue Sapphires in Sri Lanka is that the world's largest and rarest blue sapphires are found in Sri Lanka. All these facts and the ancient history of Ceylon blue sapphires have made Sri Lanka shine above all other countries in the gemstone industry.

Sri Lankan Dark Blue sapphire white gold engagement ring or a silver ring is considered to remove Shani Sade Sati and the evil effects of planet Saturn.
Blue sapphire engagement rings are popular in European countries. This stone implies healing power for peace of mind and improves communication skills in marriage life.

Mining ways

As mentioned before, Sri Lanka has a history of centuries in the gemstone mining industry. Therefore, Sri Lankan miners are considered the best gemstone miners in the world. Their dedication is why Sri Lanka is famous worldwide in the gemstone industry. The gemstone industry in Sri Lanka has significantly impacted the country's economy for a long time.

Sri Lanka has many gemstone deposits. Some of them are well-known, especially for Ceylon Blue Sapphires. These deposits are located mostly around Sabaragamuwa province. Eheliyagoda, Kuruwita, Rathnapura, Pelmadulla, Balangoda, Kalawana, and Rathnapura are some of the best-known cities for gems in Sabaragamuwa Province. Most people in this area are employers in the gem mines, and it has become their major source of income. Besides these areas, Buttala, Okkampitiya in the Uva province, Elahara, and Mathale in Central Province became famous for gemstones in recent decades.

Most of the Sri Lankan mines used traditional methods for mining. The most common method of gemstone mining in Sri Lanka is traditional hand-dug-pit mining. It required simple equipment like shovels, hammers, buckets, and human labor. In this method, laborers have to dig pits where they assume the gemstones can be found. Normally, they dig these pits near the rivers. The water flow of the rivers is used as a natural mechanism in gemstone mining. Laborers collect soil samples from the pits and wash the soil away using the water flow of rivers. The remaining stones are being checked thoroughly to find gemstones.

Since technology evolves daily, modern technological advancements have replaced most traditional mining methods. Modern machinery like bulldozers helps to dig pits at a more advanced level. Mining machines can replace human labor in the gemstone mining industry.

Even though these modern technologies increase the productivity of the gemstone mining industry, there are some disadvantages too. Traditional mining methods are eco-friendly compared to modern mining methods. Using bulldozers and different machines for gemstone mining can threaten the environment. Digging pits nearby the rivers will promote soil erosion. Also, mining can be a threat to water resources too. The Sri Lankan government has established different rules and regulations regarding this industry, considering the environmental impact of the mining industry. These rules and regulations have helped ensure and enable this industry's sustainability.

Cutting polishing culture of the Blue Sapphire

Among the Blue, Sapphires found worldwide, Ceylon Blue Sapphires have a higher demand. It is because the Blue Sapphire stones are the most valuable gemstones in the world. While the color and the clarity add value to the Blue Sapphires naturally, we can increase that value by cutting and polishing the gemstone. There are many cutting and polishing methods for gems. A perfectly cut and polished Blue Sapphire is more valuable than an unpolished Blue Sapphire stone. Therefore, a special culture is built around the cutting and polishing of Blue Sapphires.

Gemstone cutting and polishing are other dimensions of art and creativity. A raw Blue Sapphire stone may not look rich and valuable. Most of the time, these raw gemstones have rough and uneven surfaces. So, it is important to cut the gemstone properly and professionally to bring real value to the gemstone. Since this cutting and polishing process is delicate, it requires a special talent, a sense of art, patience, and a knowledge of gemstones.

Earlier, people used traditional methods and equipment to cut and polish gemstones. But with the emerging technologies in every field, modern equipment, machines, and tools are also being introduced to the gemstone crafting industry. Rather than using traditional equipment like hammers, saws, grinders, and polishing wheels, these modern equipment and technologies helped to increase the quality of the gemstones. When using traditional tools, there is a higher risk to the gem. Today, the different technologies and modern methods used in the gem crafting industry, like laser light indicators, faceting machines, diamond saws, and polishing machines, have ensured the safety of the gemstone and the quality of the final output.

As mentioned earlier, gemstone cutting and polishing culture is another level of art and creativity. Different geometric designs, shapes, light-reflecting ways, and sizes add different values to a gemstone. It is important to understand the gemstone well before cutting it. Each gemstone is unique, so different gemstones must be cut using different techniques. The gemstone craftsman has to have a proper idea of the gemstones, gemology, and the properties of the light. Since Blue Sapphire gemstones are rare, cutting and polishing a Blue Sapphire is challenging. Even professional gemstone crafters needed to plan properly before cutting a Blue Sapphire. Every cut on the gemstone affects its value. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the cuts on the gemstones are correct and can add value to the gemstone.

The final step of crafting a gemstone is polishing. In this step, the stone must be polished to enhance the gemstone's shine. All the gemstone cutting and polishing steps require more attention, skills, and patience. Ceylon Blue Sapphires come in an uncommon range of blue colors, increasing their demand. A properly cut and polished Blue Sapphire has a value of billion dollars. Therefore we can state that gemstone cutting and polishing brings true beauty and value to the gemstone.

Blue sapphire mainly uses in Vedic Astrology and also use as engagement jewelry. In interpersonal skills, you can remove weak points in communication.
The healing power of blue gems and crystals mainly considers healing throat chakra which removes blocks in speech.

Mythical and Factual healing powers of Blue Sapphires

The myths and beliefs built around the Blue Sapphires are another reason for the higher value and the demand for Blue Sapphires for centuries. Therefore, the industry of Blue Sapphire jewelry also became a demanding industry with time. Ancient people believed that wearing a Blue Sapphire brings you good and prosperity. You can gain many benefits by wearing or carrying a Blue Sapphire. It guides you to stay focused on anything that you are doing. The ancient people also believed that it could calm your fizzy thoughts and clear your busy mind.

There is a belief that the human is made with seven chakras, which means there are seven key energy centers in the human body. One of each Chakra has a separate energy to bring into the human body. These energies can heal the human body and increase the mindfulness of humans. This is simply called spiritual healing or chakra healing. According to this method, different gemstones and crystals can be worn to absorb different energies from the environment towards the human body. The Throat Chakra, the fifth Chakra of the human body, can be powered up with energy by wearing Blue Sapphire Stones. Since this Chakra is associated with the throat, wearing a Blue Sapphire can heal the diseases in the throat and increase communicational creativity.

The Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Also, it is believed to be connected with the planet Saturn. Most eastern countries believe that the Blue Sapphire stones can reflect the bad energy that comes from Saturn. The people born with the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs are believed to gain more healing powers by wearing these amazing Blue Sapphire gemstones. This stone is considered a gem of Vishnu God.  

Modern science has proved that Blue Sapphires have actual healing powers, which makes some of the myths and beliefs related to Blue Sapphires true. Especially the different cutting styles and shapes of the Blue Sapphires can reflect the light in different ways. This property of Blue Sapphire can be used in different healing processes by boosting the blood circulation and immunity system.

To obtain the best possible use of the healing power of Blue Sapphires, it is important to wear them properly. The most efficient method to keep a Blue Sapphire with you is wearing the jewelry with Blue Sapphires. This jewelry can be rings, pendants, bracelets, or any other customized ornament made according to your preferences. If you are not a jewelry lover, there are many other ways to use Blue Sapphires. You can place Blue Sapphire stones in your bodies during meditation sessions too. It also boosts your health with its amazing powers.


Sri Lanka is a well-known country for gemstones. Among many gemstones that can be found in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Blue Sapphire is the most valuable and unique gemstone. Sri Lankan people have been mining gemstones for centuries, making the Sri Lankan miners talented and skillful compared with other miners worldwide. There is a special culture built around the gemstone mining industry in Sri Lanka, which affects the economy of Sri Lanka in different ways. Since gemstone depositories spread around different provinces around Sri Lanka, gemstone mining has become a major source of income for many people in Sri Lanka.

To enhance the value and usefulness of Blue Sapphire stones, they needed to be cut and polished using different techniques and methods. Ancient people believed that the Ceylon Blue Sapphires had the power to heal diseases in the human body. Therefore, jewelry made with Blue Sapphires has a higher demand too. The Blue Sapphires and Sri Lanka have an inseparable bond with each other. It is important to protect this industry in Sri Lanka so that it will enrich the economy of Sri Lanka for many centuries ahead.