How To Calculate Bhava Bala in Vedic Astrology?

Bhava or houses are essential in analyzing horoscopes. As well as planets, the power of houses, called bhava bala plays important role in personal life such as marriage, money, or a job.

How To Calculate Bhava Bala in Vedic Astrology?
Bhava Bala indicates an important factor in our life related to houses in the horoscope.

Bhava or houses are a key factor in horoscope analysis. Normally astrologers calculate planetary strengths in various ways but few people consider finding on strength of houses. What information indicate on houses?

  • First house: overall health, look-like, personality appear to society
  • Second house: money, life after marriage, life risks
  • Third house: mental stamina, early childhood education
  • Fourth house: household properties, vehicles, mother
  • Fifth house: education, children, love affairs
  • Sixth house: health, enemies, meals, household items,
  • Seventh house: marriage, relationships, sex
  • 8th house: lifetime, loss, sudden wealth
  • 9th house: support from deities, promotions, religion
  • 10th house: job, business, exams
  • 11th house: incomes, friends, meetings
  • 12th house: hospitalizations, jail times, expenses

The above information is some examples of what indicates on bhavas. So strengths and weaknesses of bhava help to give incomes related to bhava in a good way or bad way. For example, someone with minimum bhava bala in the 10th house may give objections in career life. Maximum bhava bala in the 7th house gives good marriage that supports his future. So calculating bhava bala correctly helps to determine the ability to give things related to that house.

What does Bhava Bala indicate?

Lord Of The House

House lord is important in giving maximum or minimum bhava bala. If the house lord is powerfully located in 1-4-7-10 or 5-9 houses gives related bhava more power. Such as the 6th lord staying in the 10thhouse may give good health but the enemy troubles in the working place. Bhava lord is powerfully located in the chart which gives good bhava bala. 9thlord staying in a friendly house or rashi gives good results in religious activities. Such a person will meet good spiritual teachers.

Bhava Is Aspected By A Planets

The functional malefic aspect of bhava gives weakness in bhava bala and functional benefic strengthens bhava bala. Such a way the 6thlord sees in the 9th house may spoil things related to the 9thhouse. He will suffer from lifelong health issues. 5th lord stays in the 6th house may create a person who learn how to take care of his health. He will have self-control in eating. He will read many medical articles.

Planets Stay In Each House

There have a lot of ways to calculate planetary strengths in Vedic astrology. When considering all of them, powerful planets residing in the house increase their bhava bala. Very weak planet spoil such bhava.

Classified of Rashi

  1. Nara signs means Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first half of Sagittarius. If the first house is located in Nara rasis, then the first house is so powerful.
  2. Jalachara signs are Cancer, Pisces, and the second half of Capricorn. If 4th house falls in these signs, then the fourth house is so powerful.
  3. Chatushpaada signs are Aries, Taurus, Leo, and the second half of Sagittarius. When the 10th house falls into these rasis, it gets well strengths.
  4. Keeta sign is Scorpio. If the 7th house falls in Keeta sign it will give good results.

So this concept is called Bhava Dig Bala. So we can only calculate 1-4-7-10 bhavas in this category. A lot of astrologers neglect this method.

What factors determine bhava bala and how calculate them?
Astrologers get a clear picture of what bhava give the best results in career life.

Why bhava bala is significant in Vedic astrology?

Well-strengthened bhava will give good incomes to personal life. If someone has 4th house is powerfully located in the horoscope then he will get his own house. If another chart has spoiled bhava bala then he will struggle in many rented houses. Negative planetary transits such as Saturn’s transit in the 4th house may worsen the case. Such a person can wear gemstones related to rasi occupied in the 4th house may reduce negative effects. A house with the highest bhava bala gives the best results so that area can be one’s job or business. One example is if the 4th house with the highest bhava bala then he can do property business.

Some houses are so important in our lives. 7th house says marriage life and interpersonal relationships. 10th house is job and business. The 11th house says incomes while the second house is related to money. 5th house is education and so on. So astrologers need to consider how bhava bala influences to the particular birth chart. So a person has no need to suffer in those areas in life.

Bhava Bala Calculators

Modern astrologers can use astrology software such as bhava bala calculator, there have many online tools too. When bhava bala has a good score then he can lead a happy ending in a related area in life. Astrologer can do better predictions when he considers bhava bala or the power of houses. A lot of astrologers use planets to determine bhava bala but it is better they use rasi bala too such as bhava dig bala. The Bhava chart is important when calculating bhava bala. There have many bhava chalit charts that can be used to find the most important house which may give a good income source to us.

Conclusion on Points on Bhava Balas

Sometimes in some houses there don’t have planets or neither planets were aspected that house. In that case, an astrologer can consider bhava bala to determine what that house does in the client’s life. Like that moment occurs in analyzing marriage life. Some planetary combinations related to bhavas such as Kala Sarpa Yoga may be the powerless cause of bhava balas. Even some houses are empty on one side of the horoscope cause of Kala Sarpa Yoga, but those houses are good at bhava bala then Kala Sarpa Yoga became powerless. The power of houses is important in marriage life and career life. Even if the house lord is located in an evil location such as the 8th house, but a related house is energized with bhava bala then negative incomes may reduce. In such a way, the positive or negative nature of the house and house lord can be increased or decreased according to bhava bala.