How long does the effect of Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse last in Astrological Terms?

Solar and lunar eclipses are important in personality and mental health when talking about natal charts. Ancient sages were advised to perform religious activities during eclipse periods.

How long does the effect of Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse last in Astrological Terms?
In Vedic Astrology eclipse is a shadow that covers the light of the moon or sun. Even if it is considered not auspicious but very good for religious activities.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu play important roles when talking about karmic forces. This is called the karmic axis. Eclipse represents the shadow or dark side of light. It kept something from giving results. In this article, we don’t talk about the astronomical phenomena of eclipse. Astrologically we try to discuss how the effects of solar or lunar eclipse last in personal birth chart. Sun represents power, authority, well-being, ruling nature, and immunity. Moon used to talk about the mind, mental state, mother, and thinking pattern. Eclipses are more considered in Electional Astrology rather than natal charts.

Solar Eclipse

Astrologically, when the sun, moon, and rahu stay together on full-waning lunar day, called Amāvásyā day (new moon day), it gets a solar eclipse. When the sun and rahu stay together that person’s mind cover with pride and illusion. He has an illusion in his brain that worldly really doesn’t have. When the moon also joins with them this situation worsens and people work a stupid way neglecting other’s ideas. So this kind of person should not stay in higher managerial positions. it is rare to see solar eclipse in natal charts.

Solar eclipse – Amāvásyā Tithi – Sun + Moon + Rahu – within 12 degrees

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when Rahu and Sun are together in one house and the opposite or 7th house has Ketu and Moon. This happens on a full moon day. This eclipse governs the mind while solar eclipse governs the physical state of life. These people have pride and get sudden anger. They try to be alone. A lot of times they have mental illnesses that come from genes. They are not happy about their life. This combination is not so rare and many natal charts have this combination. These people should do self-employment.

Lunar eclipse – Full Moon Day – Rahu + Sun and 7th house Ketu and Moon

What we can do to reduce negative outcomes?

On eclipse day it is better to do religious activities, worship or invoke deities, do homa, yoga, or meditations. Homa also known as havan, is a fire ritual done on special occasions in the Hindu Religion that is good in eclipse time too. We can stay vegetarian on that day and avoid heavy meals. Drinking herbal drinks at night time is good.

Three main effects in Natal Charts

  • Houses that contain eclipse give weak results
  • Natural malefic planets give worse outcomes and natural benefic planets have no influence from eclipses
  • If Jupiter stays with the eclipse then Jupiter gives good and bad results

How long does the effect of solar eclipse or lunar eclipse last

  • The day that the eclipse happens and then 3 days before and 3 days after is not good to use any auspicious activity. These seven days are very bad.
  • Rashi and Nakshatra should not to good for auspicious works, the day when the eclipse occurred, seven days before, and seven days after. So these 15 days are bad rashi and nakshatra.
  • Since the eclipse happens time to one day is not good for marriage or sex.
  • For eclipse occurring time to seven days is not good for long-distance travel and foreign tours.
  • From the eclipse time to 3 days negative for starting a new business.