Are Ketu and Moon, or Rahu and Sun conjunctions in the 7th house bad?

Rahu or Ketu falls into the 7th house creating some problems in marriage life, so what happens when Sun or Moon joins with them? These shadow planets create a karmic axis that makes objections in interpersonal relationships including marriage life.

Are Ketu and Moon, or Rahu and Sun conjunctions in the 7th house bad?
Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu sometimes spoil marriage life, so what happens when the sun and moon join with them?

Mystery world of Rahu and Ketu

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu plays major roles as shadow planets. They are called moon nodes, they are created from the intersection of the orbit of sun and moon. In Vedic texts, when Lord Vishnu offers Amutra that sacred nectar to planetary deities, demon Rakshasha who had a dragon body stool it. Angry Vishnu God cut the demon into two pieces. They became Rahu and Ketu causes amutra or amrita can make one eternal. Rahu and Ketu always stay opposite ways, so they so called the karmic axis.

In Kundalini yoga it represents kundalini energy and planetary periods called dasa period on Rahu and Ketu can awake kundalini power. In traditional personal astrological counseling, Rahu tells about the grandfather and Ketu represents the grandmother. Our grandparents have experience in life. So Rahu and Ketu use to identify the karmic plane more complex way. Actually, Rahu and Ketu axis says about deep karmic forces that influence this lifetime. Major and sub-periods of each other these shadow planets heavily effect change our life from a karmic point of view such as the Rahu main period and Ketu sub-period.

North Moon Node – Rahu

Rahu is implying a very old grandfather, older than Saturn. Rahu tells about foreign journeys, travels, money expenses, lust feeling, and the swaying nature of the mind. He does objections to meditation. It represents the lower chakra of kundalini power. When you go foreign he will help you but in the mother country, he will do objections. As Saturn and Rahu’s planetary periods tend to catch black magic. Rahu helps to research and analyze. Hanuman God is close to the shadow planet Rahu.

Rahu and Sun Conjunction in the 7th House

So when the sun conjunct with rahu, it creates eclipse’s nature, so in the natal chart it tells personality disorder. Rahu influences our minds covered with illusion and chase for popularity. So Sun and Rahu’s conjunctions create success in politics. Rahu is moving planets so Rahu and sun conjunction help with driving and delivery jobs. So when we talk about the 7thhouse, we come to the point of marriage life and social relationships. When Sun and Rahu conjunction with the 7th house, its create malfunction in marriage life. Your partner may have a personality disorder such as suspecting everything. He or she will accuse you have an affair with another one.  If the 7th lord is located in 6 – 8 – 12 then the problem can worse into divorce. Also a person with a natal chart that has Rahu and sun in the 7th house, his partner may have eager to be popular in social life. Sometime partners may have links with politics. That person wants to marry the person who has the same combination in the 7th house. At least one of the sun or Rahu must stay in the 7th house.

Rahu absorbs the authority and power of the Sun and thinks of himself as a great person. This illusion creates problems in interpersonal skills. A person who has a natal chart of Rahu and Sun conjunction may stay in his own world and think others want to accept what he thinks. So this can create enemy troubles. In family life, the same thing can happen. People who have such personality disorders must worship Shiva God and ask for blessing to remove them from illusion.

In the Vedic world of astrology, people fear when Rahu and Ketu reside in the 7th house.
Is it bad Ketu and Moon conjunction in the 7th house? Ketu tells about meeting spiritual partners in marriage life and how it changes nature with the moon.

South Node of the Moon – Ketu

Ketu implies upper chakra in kundalini energy. Ketu belongs to Maha Brahma. In traditional astrology it is called grandmother, so Ketu has a feminine character. Ketu likes reading books, meditation, Moksha, and spiritual development, giving advice as a grandmother from her experience, and clearing our minds rather than mere rituals that go on the spiritual path. On the negative side, Ketu makes us lazy, creates phobias in our minds and easily catches mental illnesses. Ketu is the planet that tells about psychic development.

Are Ketu and Moon’s conjunction in the 7th house bad?

Moon clearly tells about the mind. When the karmic axis goes on the 7th house, you will meet a spiritual type of life partner. They have a spiritual bond in many lifetimes, so rather than sex, they will work on their spiritual development together. However, when Ketu stays in the 7thhouse your partner easily catches mental illnesses such as phobias. Genes-related mental illnesses come with Ketu. Sometimes your partner has psychic abilities such as they can read their wife’s or husband’s mind. So even little mistakes they can find out. The moon increases such mental powers. A person who has a natal chart of Ketu and Moon in 7th may meet a partner such as your mother, but can’t cheat on them. If both ones go on a spiritual path and have good precepts then married life will be nice. If you look for a sexually active partner then don’t marry someone who has Ketu in 7th. To reduce such malfunctions they can perform traditional rituals such ask a blessing from the Maha Brahma God.

Why Rahu and Ketu spoil Marriage Life

Rahu is enemy with Sun and Ketu is friendly with Moon. So Ketu and Moon’s conjunction is better for the 7th house rather than Rahu and Sun’s conjunction. The karmic axis falls on the 1st house and the 7th house implies that there has been something in past lifetimes to resolve. Rahu is researching the planet, so people with Rahu in the 7thhouse tend to use modern-day sex toys and pornography in their sex life. A lot of time, they don’t satisfy conventional sexual intercourse. Another side Ketu is a more spiritual planet, so these people who have Ketu in the 7thhouse find the spiritual type of love. Sex is not important to them.

However, the planet that resides in the particular house may not help to give a good or bad marriage life. House lords are important, if house lords reside in blissful houses such as 5th or 9th, they can overcome malfunction in Rahu or Ketu conjunctions. It looks like people who reside in the house may not be house owners, sometimes they stay in rental period. So for a clear picture, you should consider house lords and the bhava-chalit chart too. For cure malfunction chart owners may worship Hanuman and Maha Brahma Gods. It is better to practice some precepts and participate in the pilgrimage. You can gather a group of people who have financial problems and support them to go on a pilgrimage to temples belonging to the Hanuman God. We have a marriage delay removal yantra that can remove Rahu and Ketu malfunctions in your birth chart.