Approach to light working with Angelic Healing Therapy - Part Two

Modern days there have many health issues, including depression, anxiety, HBP, cancers, and counting daily. Angelic medicine is a quantum healing method that can be used to cure many health issues. It is not new but comes from ancient times more than 5000 years ago.

Approach to light working with Angelic Healing Therapy - Part Two
Angel healing involve sound healing since ancient times such as using mantras and chants. Quantum machines and sub-atomic particles prove that they stay in waveform too.

Angel Of Health and Healing

In angel healing, healers can invoke many angels for healing. This was common in many ancient cultures such as Australian Aborigines, groups of the indigenous peoples of Australia, Inca people, Red Indians, and all of the South Asian cultures. They use secret chants and spells for invoking angels. Modern-day there have advanced invoking systems such as prayers, creating simple yet powerful altars, using the law of attraction, using sacred geometry, and using oracle cards of the angels to get healing messages from the angelic realm.

Sound Healing with Angels

In angel sound healing, healers can use a Tibetan Singing Bowl, classical music, chants, mantra, and natural sound such as following water. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is an amazing instrument that can use to sound healing. There have many ways of doing this. Playing directions such as clockwise and anti-clockwise is even used for chakra healing. Western and Indian classical music is used by modern healers. Some healers use ancient Vedic mantras and Buddhist chants for healing. Choosing your method is up to you.

Tibetan singing bowl can use for space clearing before starting the healing process. Space cleaning is very important before invoking angels. Some angels don’t like polluted environments such as there may have dark energy that dropped off from past clients. In angel sound healing, you can use classical music in China, India, or modern Western music such as symphonies from Beetowen while doing the healing process. Healing centers can locate where to have natural sounds such as near beaches or waterfalls. People who are energized by water elements can use the following sound of water. You may need to talk with clients about what sound they prefer.

Do you know that many angels are there to assist you in cure health issues in the human world?
Choosing an angel or deity that tunes with you is the most important part of angel healing.

Choosing An Angel of Health and Healing

The healing miracles of Archangel Raphael are famous in this field. Many healers and people pray to Saint Raphael the archangel for a cure and healing. Archangel Raphael is an angel with a luminous green color aura who gives healing properties to the human world. His energy can be used to heal, the mind, body, spirit, and many other areas in life. He can heal planet Earth and its soil, so farmers or gardeners can use his energy to energize Earth’s elements. Also, he is a divine being of education and decision-making. So teachers and managers can use his power to succeed in their life.

The Healing Miracles Of Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael’s spirituality is well known for developing wisdom and opening the third eye chakra. So his power may be important for spiritual teachers. Teachers can use the healing power of Raphael to reduce weaknesses in their students. With a singing bowl, his energy can be used for space clearing. He is the angel of evening, mind, and spring. So healers can use his spiritual power in the evening time in spring days. Not only for humans, Archangel Raphael governers animal healing and pet psychology. So his healing power is important for animal lovers as well.

He is the angel of travel. So he can invoke it when you travel for healing purposes. When you explore new cultures, you can ask for his support. When healers do cross-cultural healing they can ask for help from Archangel Raphael. Thus healing miracles of this archangel is popular all over the modern angel-healing world.

Other Angel of Healing the Sicknesses

Other angels, goddesses, and gods for healing and health are Ganesha God, Maha Lakshmi Goddess, and Green Tara Goddess. The green Tara goddess helps with healing related to serious mental illnesses such as phobias and fear. Anxiety, depression, and tension are covering people’s minds in a modern busy society. To cure these health issues, you can invoke the green Tara goddess.

Ganesha is a humble god who helps with physical health and objections to life. We get objections from others such as when reaching career-wise goals. Ganesha god can smooth such relationships. If the client gets a promotion, then those targeted on that job may enemy with him. Ganesha God can reduce such interpersonal objections. Also, he can cure objections to education. Ganesha God was worshiped more than 5000 years ago, so he has vast experience in health side healing. Maha Lakshmi Goddess is another heavenly being who removes objections to spiritual development. She can remove ill will, lust, and ignorance in your mind. So, healers and spiritual teachers may need to ask for her assistance in their spiritual paths. So these are angels of good health.

Archangel Haniel is assisting in curing feminine illnesses such as disorders in monthly pains, relationship issues in the family life, and curing children’s issues. She is a Moon and Venus goddess, good for all women’s affairs. She can make up a broken heart. Parwathi Goddess in ancient Hindu culture can be invoked to cure serious family matters such as divorce cases and health issues such as breast cancer. Indian people ask for her assistance to create harmony in family life.

You can read books about angels and choose what angel or deity to suit a particular health issue. Some angels are good for mental health while others are for physical health. Also, you can do an oracle card reading to choose healing angels for your client.

Many angels have many colors as their aura, their energy bodies shine with luminous colors, and most healers use white or green colors for health problems.
In distance angel healing, healers send angels or their light to cure physical or mental health issues.

Using The Healing Light of Angels

These angels of healing the sick can invoke your angel healing practice. Their angel light healing may reduce pains and mental breakdown in the client’s mind. Ganesha has light rays of gold, yellow and white. Lakshmi Goddess is rose and white. Sending healing light in distance healing is important for foreign clients. Healers do online services can send angel light healing to other countries with good spiritual practice. You can send healing angels to your clients without sending healing light rays. In this case, you can invoke and ask their guidance to go near the client and heal themselves. Your spirituality level is important in dealing with sending healing angels to others near.

Practice before Invoking Angels

Angel healing is not independent work. There you and an angel or group of angels assist you. So you need clear your body and healing room before invoking angels. You should bathe or wash your body. Then wash your mouth 3 times with clean water. Then you can prepare an altar in the healing room. You can light candles, use essential oil belonging to that angel, and offer fruits, a cup of milk, and a glass of water to angels. Offering flowers is vital for any angel. Then you can chant a prayer for an angel to assist you and your client. As mentioned early, you can use a Tibetan singing bowl, classical music, or any other sound healing method to clear negative energies. You can keep crystals that belong to that angel.

Your angel of healing the sick is sometimes done with experienced angels such as healing ministers, rainbow spirits, and higher-level deities such as Ganesha. So you need your respect and have humble nature toward them. They are not our servants, they do welfare service in their heavenly lifetime. It helps to increase their energy and lifetime. Green color angels are popular in healing such as curing serious health issues such as cancer. You can use the oracle of the angels healing to get messages from the angelic realm about your task. In another article, we will look at how to take attunements from angels to heal others. We have experience healers, whose like to share their experience with you.