Intuitive guide to read Oracle Cards for Future Planning

Oracle cards are a great divination tool for receiving messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides. This guide teaches you how to activate your Intuition to become a good reader.

Intuitive guide to read Oracle Cards for Future Planning
There are many divination methods such as tarot, runes, astrology, and psychic reading. Oracle card decks are an attractive way to give a clear picture of the future mainly removing negativity.

Oracle cards are different from tarot cards because tarot cards have fixed rules, disciplines, and meanings. Tarot cards have negative meanings while oracle cards have positive meanings. Oracle cards are prepared according to a particular spiritual teacher. He or she may use a painter to draw cards that ideas had in their mind. Therefore oracle cards don’t have fixed meaning and the intuition of the reader may use his mind power to grab meaning. There are many oracle card decks such as Starseed, nature spirits, aliens, angels, guides, crystals, and more. The reader can use any card deck to choose their reading. Well-experienced readers use many decks but some use one or two decks.

How to choose an Oracle Card Deck?

Firstly you should think what is your likeness in spiritual life. You are attracted to star people or angels. Sometimes you like cartoon characters so you can use a cartoon deck. If you go with fairies then you can use wood, forest, or fairy deck.

You can find decks from online shops, but I recommended the goto local bookshop and then found out about Oracle cards. These bookshops, especially old bookshops have ancient souls who are attracted to books, so they will help you to find a suitable oracle card deck. If you find a deck from the internet then make a small altar near your computer and then ask your guardian angels to find a good card pack.

How to interpret Oracle reading

1.1 Number of Cards and Their Positions

If you choose 3 cards or five cards then look at their positions. Their main character may point their hand to another card. How are they organized? How close they are? Check whether there have mathematical pattern between numbers that appear in cards. You described the card in such as way that the first card is for the problem, the second card is for the reason of the problem and 3rd card is for a solution.

1.2 Colors of Card

Oracle cards come in many luminous colors. These colors say story. You need to learn the deep meaning of colors, colors related to chakras, and the general or common sense of colors. Green color used for healing, yellow color used for education, and red is used for protection. This way colors play a very important role in oracle card reading. You need to check what is implied by the intensity of colors. How do colors spread in the card?

1.3 Number in Card

There are numbers on the card. If it is a single number then it may point to the house in the horoscope. Or there can be angel numbers. If the card has number 5 then he will get some gains after 5 months. Client’s question and numbers of week, month, or year is important.

1.4 Main Character in Card.

There is have angel, person, or animal in the card. It is the main image on the card. You should consider the hand position in that character. What does it do? What kind of animal? What element it belongs to such as a bird can imply an air element. If a person comes to ask about sickness then his air element may malfunction, so he may meet the herbal doctor and get treatment to calm down his air element.

1.5 Words in Card

This factor needs to be taken very carefully. Information in the guidebook comes with an Oracle cards pack is another key factor. You should not take the meaning of the word as it is. Like opposition does not mean conflict. You may consider the meaning of the word or sentence in the card minor level and give priority to the image on the card. I will give an example. Opposition means there have war between good and bad. There are supporting gods in your life as well as evil spirits who cause trouble in your life.

Inviting or invoking angels or deities is important for grabbing answers for clients.
Oracle card reading altar can be made using ancient symbols, crystals, bells, and candlelight. So making a simple altar is enough for reading

1.6 Symbols in Card

There are symbols on cards such as astrological signs or ancient runes. These symbols and their direction are another key factor in disclosing your conclusion about what the client asks. Where is that symbol located on the card? Does the main character gesture his hand to that sign? If it is runes then common meaning of rune. You need to consider these facts for your reading.

1.7 Understand the intention of the Author

Every oracle card deck was prepared by a spiritual teacher who practiced tarot card reading for many years. So they prepare an Oracle card deck cause for some reason. As a reader, you want to understand that idea well before using that deck. Every Oracle card deck comes with a guidebook. You should read that book completely, so you can identify the author’s meaning for why they prepared that deck. Even angel oracle card decks may have the intention to give healing, guided meditation, or simply a message from your guardian angels.

1.8 Use extra Tool

This is to confirm your final answer. Nowadays a lot of readers combine divination methods. Simply you can use runes to confirm your answer. If a client asks about getting a new job the Oracle card gives a wide picture and the rune gives a direct answer. Astrologers can use the horary chart to formulate a wide picture for preparing answers. Some clients like deep and expressive answers while others prefer simple direct answers.

1.9 Understand the client's Question

Sometimes clients ask a question or two. You should motivate your client to ask clear questions. Help him or her to cut down fear and directly come to the point. Because their angels may want to send messages to them. You should remove the swaying nature of your client’s mind. You want to help them to clear their mind from fear and shyness. Then they come to the real question. Try to understand them that you are not their relative or friend, only supporter.

1.10 Scope of the Oracle Cards

Remember that oracle cards are created to maximize positive meaning. So some negative information or answers don’t come via Oracle cards. So sometimes becoming over-positive and neglecting possible negative outcomes may help damage the client’s personality. Sometimes they may not have the strength to face challenging situations. That is why we need extra tools to formulate clear answers such as using runes.  

Boosting factor for successfully Oracle Card Reading

Before reading do simple meditation. Worship your desired gods and goddesses. You can tap three times to activate the card pack. You can use special cloth for a spread card deck. Lighting aromatherapy candle improve divine connections. Most of the time, Scented Candles used as home fragrances are helpful to awaken your higher self. A fragrance with forest essential, fruit essential and wood essential helps to attract earth-based angels. Also, you can sing Tibetan Singing Bowl before starting reading or you can sound the little bell. A set of crystals also helps to improve universal connections. After finishing reading, you should close all connections with clients as well as divine powers. Simply this can be done by lighting off a candle and singing the bell one time.