Selecting Your Soul Deck: Tips for Choosing the Right Tarot Cards

A lot of time professional tarot card readers find their soul decks in bookshops, that give spiritual value to cards. However, these tips may help to buy your soul decks in a straight way.

Selecting Your Soul Deck: Tips for Choosing the Right Tarot Cards
Tarot reading started in ancient Middle Eastern countries and China, but clues have been in India and other South Asian countries too.

Tarot cards are more than just tools for divination. They are simply the gateways to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Each deck, with its unique imagery and symbols, serves as a mirror to our subconscious. They also guide us through life's mysteries. The journey of selecting the right Tarot deck is crucial. It is not just about choosing cards. It is also about finding a spiritual companion that resonates with your innermost thoughts and feelings. This guide aims to help you navigate this personal and intimate process. So, you will get the chance to ensure the deck you choose aligns perfectly with your spiritual path.

1.  Understanding Tarot Decks

Tarot cards have a rich and mysterious history. They are simply dating back to the 15th century in Europe. It is a known fact that initially used for games, they evolved into tools for divination and spiritual reflection. Each card in the deck, from the Major Arcana to the Minor Arcana, is steeped in symbolism and mythology. They also offer a complex tapestry of insights and lessons.

Different Types of Tarot Decks

Tarot decks come in various forms. Here, each offers a unique perspective. So, here are a few of them.

Traditional Decks: These decks are like the famous Rider-Waite-Smith. They stick closely to the classic Tarot imagery and themes. They also offer a time-honoured approach to Tarot reading.

Thematic Decks: These are inspired by specific themes or concepts. They are simply such as nature, animals, or even pop culture. They also allow for a more personalized and relatable experience.

Modern Decks: Modern decks often incorporate contemporary art and updated interpretations of traditional symbols. This makes them more accessible to new generations of Tarot enthusiasts.

Oracle Cards are simplified version of tarot cards that gives easy-to-understand meanings and focus on vast types of areas. Oracle decks can be categorized such as star seeds, green witchcraft, angels, and many more. Tarot has fixed meaning while oracle cards have varying meanings according to the author. It is good for beginners for star card reading.

Significance of Imagery and Symbolism

The heart of Tarot lies in its imagery and symbolism. Each card is a visual narrative. They are simply rich in symbols and archetypes that speak to the human experience. The imagery can be direct or abstract. So, they simply offer multiple layers of meaning. It is also important to mention that these symbols are not just artistic choices. They are also keys to unlocking deeper spiritual insights and personal revelations.

2. Personal Connection with Tarot

Importance of Intuition in Choosing a Deck

Hope you all know that intuition is your guiding light when selecting a Tarot deck. It is that inner voice or gut feeling that draws you to a particular deck. This intuitive connection is crucial. The reason is that it reflects your subconscious mind's comfort. Moreover, the affinity with the deck's imagery and energy is also another reason.

Emotional and Spiritual Resonance

Hope you all know that the right Tarot deck should resonate with you on an emotional and spiritual level. It is simply about how the images make you feel. Here are the thoughts they provoke, and the connections they forge with your life experiences. A deck that truly speaks to you will always enhance your readings. Moreover, it also will make them more insightful and meaningful.

Personal Experiences and Stories

It is a known fact that every Tarot enthusiast has a unique story about their first deck. It is simply about how it has found them or how they were drawn to it. For instance, some might recall feeling an instant connection with a deck's artwork, while others might remember a deck being recommended by a friend or mentor. These personal anecdotes highlight the diverse journeys individuals take in finding their soul deck. Here, they also emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Tarot. It is also important to remember that simplicity and personal resonance are key in your journey with Tarot. Here, your chosen deck should feel like an extension of your inner world. This will also help you to navigate life's ups and downs with greater clarity and insight.

Some mentors think the origin of tarot cards came from original playing cards.
Some European gypsies people use playing cards to give a reading. They give a reading in public places such as circus grounds.

3. Aesthetic and Artistic Considerations

When it comes to choosing a Tarot deck, the art style plays a crucial role. Here, the imagery of the Tarot is rich in symbols, and each artist interprets these symbols differently. Traditional decks are simply like the Rider-Waite. They simply offer classic imagery that many find easy to connect with due to its widespread use and familiarity. Contemporary decks might blend modern themes with traditional symbolism. They are also appealing to those who seek a fresh perspective while still respecting the roots of Tarot. Moreover, abstract decks, on the other hand, can be more challenging but rewarding for those who enjoy interpreting more open-ended. In addition, they are less literal imagery.

It is a known fact that the color schemes and artistic detail of a deck can significantly influence your readings. Colors simply carry emotional and psychological weight. Here, vibrant palettes might energize you, while softer hues could offer calmness. Moreover, the intricacy of the artwork also matters. Hope you all know that some may prefer simpler designs that focus on the symbolism, while others might be drawn to decks with elaborate art that can inspire deeper contemplation.

Lastly, it is important to consider the deck's size and material. It is due to so many reasons. The size should feel comfortable in your hands, and the material should be durable. Simply put, paper quality varies for many reasons. It is with some decks using thicker, high-quality paper that feels good to shuffle and stands up to frequent use. Moreover, lamination can add durability and a glossy finish. But here, some prefer the matte feel, too. The physical feel of a deck contributes to your connection with it. So, it is better to choose one that resonates with you both visually and tactilely.

4. Practical Tips for Choosing Your Deck

There are some special practical tips to be considered when it comes to selecting your deck. Here, selecting where to buy your Tarot deck is an essential first step. It is a known fact that local metaphysical or new-age stores often carry a variety of decks. They will also allow you to see and feel them in person. These stores sometimes have sample decks available for you to try. Moreover, shopping in person also supports local businesses. In addition, it also gives you the chance to ask experienced staff for advice.

It is a known fact that online platforms broaden your options significantly. Here, websites offer a vast array of decks. It also often has detailed images and descriptions. When it comes to shopping online, it is important to read customer reviews. It will help you to understand the deck's quality and the experiences of others. However, it is better to remember that buying online means you cannot physically interact with the deck before purchase.

Trying out different decks can be insightful. Here, attend Tarot events, workshops, or meetups where you might have the opportunity to explore various decks. It is a known fact that some shops might also host Tarot deck exploration sessions. But do not hesitate to ask friends who use Tarot if you can examine their decks. This hands-on experience can always be invaluable in finding a deck that feels right.

Reading reviews and seeking recommendations is another practical approach. It is a known fact that online forums, social media groups, and Tarot communities are rich sources of information. Experienced Tarot readers often share their insights and preferences. Moreover, they can be helpful, especially for beginners. Remember, though, that a deck that works well for someone else might not be the best choice for you. It is also important to trust your intuition and personal preferences as you explore different options.

People used to read oracle cards cause they are easier than tarot reading.
Classical tarot card reading is confusing and may need experience, a mentor, and guidance from the teacher.

5. Caring for Your Tarot Deck

Your Tarot deck is more than just cards. It is a tool for spiritual connection. To keep this connection strong, it is also important to care for your deck properly. So, here are some easy tips to help you do just that.

Proper Storage and Handling

  • Find a Safe Place: It is important to keep your Tarot cards in a place where they will not get damaged. A box or a cloth bag works well. Moreover, this keeps them clean and safe.
  • Handle with Care: When you use your cards, it is essential to be gentle. Do not bend them or let them get wet. This will also help them last longer.
  • Keep Them Away from Clutter: Do not store your cards with other things that might scratch or bend them. Giving them their own space is best for long-term survival.

Cleansing and Charging Your Deck

  • Clearing Energy: Sometimes, your cards pick up different energies. To clear them, you can wave your hand over them or gently knock on the deck.
  • Using Moonlight: To charge your cards, you can leave them near a window on a full moon night. Here, moonlight is thought to fill them with good energy.
  • Simple Rituals: Hope you all know that some people like to use crystals or incense to cleanse their cards. This can be a nice ritual. But remember that your intention is what matters most.
  • Keep your cards deck in your altar or sacred corner where have you done ancient rituals in your home or office. You can place your deck for about one night or the whole day.

Building a Relationship with Your Deck

  • Spend Time Together: The more you use your cards, will always be the better. So, try to use them often. This will help you connect with them.
  • Talk to Your Deck: It may sound funny, but talking to your cards can help. So, you can ask them to guide you clearly.
  • Listen to Your Cards: Pay attention to how you feel when you use your deck. Trusting your feelings can help you understand the messages better.

Remember, taking care of your Tarot deck is a way of respecting the guidance it offers. Treat it well always. Moreover, it will be a faithful companion on your spiritual journey.


In conclusion, selecting the right Tarot deck is a deeply personal journey. It involves tuning into your intuition and finding a deck that resonates with your spirit. Remember, the imagery and symbolism in each deck vary. So, choose one that speaks to your heart. The art style, colour, and even the feel of the cards matter. They help create a bond between you and your deck. When you buy a deck, consider exploring local stores or online platforms. Handle your cards with care and respect. Store them safely and clean them regularly to maintain their energy. Most importantly, spend time with your deck. Use it often to strengthen your connection. Trust your feelings during reading. Your deck is more than just cards. It is a spiritual tool. It guides and supports you on your life's journey. Simple in approach yet profound in-depth, the right Tarot deck can be a powerful ally in your personal growth and self-discovery.